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It used to be that neuropathy was a life sentence.

It would get slowly worse.

If you were very unlucky complications could lead to very serious illnesses.

I haven’t had neuropathy for 3 years now.

And this is how I tackled it:

Want text version instead of video? Here is simplified transcript…

Although I haven’t had a single neuropathy symptom for three years now there are occasions when I lie there in bed in the morning… and just wait.

I wait to see if there is any sensation. Any jangling of the nerves.

There’s nothing. Not a thing.

I try to feel even a tingling where I once suffered pins and needles…numbness…. and pain.

But it’s gone. I can lay there all day if I want to.. I never feel even a twinge.

Three years after I last felt any neuropathy symptoms at it still makes me smile when I wake up feeling so good.

Yet, if you’d asked me three years ago if… would ever feel this healthy again I’d have said ‘no’. And probably laughed at you for asking such a question.

After all, I had followed my doctor’s health advice and I took my meds. I followed instructions and simply hoped it wouldn’t get worse. 

These treatments though are just damage limitation. Because over time it did get worse. The pain relief meds had to get stronger and the side-effects – dizziness and tiredness – meant I had to give up work.

But as you may already know, the worst neuropathy complications can be awful.

Blood pressure problems are common. Digestion starts to go wrong and sexual dysfunction issues are more likely. Some neuropathy patients suffer foot and leg amputation.

It can be a horror story. Fortunately, it wasn’t my horror story. I did something for myself that made things work out much more happily for me.

And as a result I have been symptom-free for three years. I’m not sure I’ve been this healthy since my twenties – and yet it was incredibly simple to do.

Neuropathy is an unusual illness because its real causes are actually other illnesses. Other things are going wrong with us and neuropathy is one of the side-effects.

Sometimes we know what the other illness is. And sometimes we don’t.

If you are having trouble regulating blood sugars then nerve damage is a common side-effect of that problem.

If you suffer from any kind of immunity disease then, again, neuropathy is a known side-effect of such illnesses.

Chronic inflammation is endemic throughout the western world; and it often has nerve pain as one of its side-effects.

In fact, there’s a long list of conditions that directly lead to neuropathy.

Sometimes we get the neuropathy before we even know about the condition that’s causing it.

That’s because the condition itself hasn’t been picked up by our doctor. In this case, neuropathy is our first clue that something’s going badly wrong with our body.

Either way, it’s an underlying illness that leads to neuropathy. Neuropathy is its side-effect.

If we could treat that underlying illness then, of course, our troubles are over. We get shot of the illness – and the neuropathy that it’s causing.

But how on earth do we do that?

Well, I found out one thing that turned my worries into hope… and my hopes into health and happiness.

Because although many health conditions can eventually lead to neuropathy… just about all those health conditions themselves originate from one single problem.

Sounds a little odd I know.

But it’s now firmly understood by medical scientists that these apparently different conditions all have, at their source. a single cause.

If we tackle that single cause head-on then… we’ve also tackled the condition itself. And because that condition is the source of our neuropathy… that means we’ve treated that as well.

This is exactly how I got well again. I  managed that underlying cause and watched the benefit work its way up to the condition I really wanted to affect – which was my neuropathy.

But this fantastically effective method of managing my illness didn’t come via my doctor. What actually happened was this.

I was watching a television documentary about natural health treatments. The show described how natural remedies for serious diseases were successfully treating conditions that modern medicine had given up on.

It was fascinating to see so many real-life cases of devastating disease turned completely round – sometimes in just days.

I mean, at that time I was very skeptical about alternative treatments. I only really believed in my doctor.

But as I watched the documentary it was clear the results of natural treatments were very, very impressive.

And I was sitting there in pain while I watched this documentary. The more I saw examples of other people having their health transformed by simple, natural methods the more I wanted the same.

If there was a way to treat ongoing, never-ending neuropathy then I was not going to sit back and let it pass me by.

I spent a day online researching all this. I eventually found a well-respected, serious alternative health practitioner who had a fantastic reputation for helping neuropathy sufferers manage their symptoms.

Her name is Jodi Knapp. Jodi is a fantastic natural health practitioner. She’s also the reason I finally learned how to treat my neuropathy symptoms.

What I learned from her was jaw-dropping. And it’s this.

First, Jodi confirmed that neuropathy is almost always the side-effect of some other illness.

You don’t get neuropathy. You get something else that causes neuropathy. You might not know yet what that something else is yet. But it is the underlying cause of your neuropathy.

We can’t manage neuropathy directly. So Jodi’s plan is to treat that underlying cause – because when we do this we’re treating the cause of our neuropathy.

Now I wasn’t so sure of how we would do this. In fact, until it actually worked for me, I was a little doubtful.

But my nerve pains were getting so bad I was prepared to take that leap of faith.

The question then is this: if neuropathy is caused by another illness… what causes that other illness?

For over a decade now medical scientists have realized that the primary cause of a long list of deadly western illnesses – including the ones that lead directly to neuropathy – is… the gut.

Yep, the gut. I found that a bit weird too when I first heard it.

But human gut bacteria has been with us since the dawn of time. It doesn’t just keep us healthy – it keeps us alive.

There are hundreds of types of bacteria. Each type has its own jobs to do.

When they’re healthy and plentiful our gut bacteria minimise inflammation, protect us from heart and kidney disease, manage our weight, regulate our cholesterol, stabilize our blood sugars, keep our moods consistent – and perform dozens of other tasks that literally make our lives possible.

We simply cannot manage without healthy gut bacteria.

But we also know that our gut bacteria is delicate. Really delicate. These microscopic life-savers need just the right nutrition and just the right conditions if they’re to thrive.

Unfortunately, western lifestyles are not very kind to the gut.

Our food habits rarely give them the nutrients they need. And without a regular supply of the right nutrition our gut bacteria struggle to stay alive.

Over years, those little guys slowly die off. As they do they stop performing those vital, life-giving tasks in our bodies. And so we slowly become ill.

And it’s those illnesses that give us our neuropathy.

And that’s the link. Unhealthy gut bacteria leads to any one of a range of illnesses…. which have neuropathy as a side-effect. 

Poor gut health > illness > neuropathy

The good news is that we can help that gut bacteria. And when we help them we’re helping the chain of events that lead to neuropathy.

About half of all Americans have poor gut health. It’s mostly not our fault.

Most of us don’t eat healthily because we don’t know how to. Health advice is complicated, contradictory and confusing.

Yet when you stop worrying about eating healthily and, instead, just eat for your gut bacteria then everything becomes a whole lot easier.

Because those little guys don’t ask you to give up every darned thing you like to eat or drink!

They simply need you to include in your diet plentiful supplies of the stuff that keep them in tip-top shape.

Is that difficult? No. This is about eating some more foods – not throwing out foods you love.

All I had to know was which specific foods to eat – and how much of it to eat.

Get this right and our good bacteria thrives.

And when they thrive everything else falls into place.

It takes a couple of weeks to get those bacteria back on their feet. But once they are… you can almost feel the difference it makes.

Jodi has created a program that shows us how to get those vital little helpers back on their feet.

Her program is called ‘Neuropathy No More’. There are now over 7,000 people who have learned a brand new way to manage their neuropathy.

Here’s what’s in ‘Neuropathy No More’:

To make things even more straightforward Jodi has split her program into steps. She introduces new elements with each step so you can make very small changes over time.

You can do step one, get used to it, move on to step two. And so on.

I was impatient and opted to do everything that Jodi recommended from day one. I’d suffered neuropathy for long enough. And, as they say, enough is enough.

I gave my gut bacteria exactly what they needed in the quantities they needed them.

And I’ve continued to do that to this day. It’s been easy. And it’s been so worth it.

If I could have known about this earlier that would have been great. But I’m grateful I found this plan when I did. It’s made such a difference.

This is not a restrictive diet.

I lost some weight over the weeks – about 16 pounds went steadily but quickly.  Yet Jodi’s plan has you eating more food, not less.

Weight-loss comes from eating better – not from going hungry.

Jodi’s program shows us how to maintain optimal gut health – which is the ultimate cause of neuropathy – and so treat all our neuropathy symptoms.

It’s a gentle approach – but fantastically powerful. If you’d like to change the way your treat your illness then I strongly recommend Neuropathy No More.

If you’re suffering neuropathy then please realize that you no longer have to. We understand the condition’s cause now – so you have options.

Jodi’s program is proven, guaranteed – and very straightforward. Using it to treat my neuropathy was one of the best decisions of my life. I honestly believe it will be one of the best decisions of yours.

Simple, easy and no meds or treatments. Click here and ‘Neuropathy No More’ will be with you in minutes…

Remember there’s a simple route leading to your neuropathy. The loss of bacteria leads to illness which then causes the neuropathy side-effect.

Gut health > illness > neuropathy

Gut health is the key link in this chain because it starts the whole thing off. Maintaining gut health treats all links of the chain.

And everything I needed to achieve this is in Jodi’s ‘Neuropathy No More’ program.

You can have your own copy of ‘Neuropathy No More’ in just a few minutes. Click here to get it…

The end-game for neuropathy is an absolute disaster.

Foot and leg amputation. Blood pressure problems. Digestion problems. Sexual dysfunction. Obesity. A long list of catastrophes, basically.

Which of these would you be prepared to put up with?

None, I’m guessing. Me neither. Yet if things are allowed to slide then these become more and more likely.

No thanks. If all it takes to avoid this is some tweaks to my lifestyle then that’s what I’ll do. And that’s what I did.

This is a bullet you need to dodge. Click here to Get Neuropathy No More right now and you can side-step all this quickly and easily…

Click here to get Neuropathy No More vsl cb | Blue Heron Health News at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Neuropathy No More vsl cb | Blue Heron Health News is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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